Saturday, August 13, 2016

The End of the Road.

This blog is going to be put down for good. It's been so much fun running this alongside my stories, and it won't stop, but Neon Sunrise is over, closing up shop. For real this time. It got to the point where running three blogs covering three different things was very tiresome, an too much to handle. Instead, I've started a new blog, which can be found here which will be a catch-all for everything except for my short horror stories, which will remain active here.

Everything from reviews, ramblings, art, vlogs, and collaborations will be on the first blog linked from here on out, and given that it will have most of my attention, your readership and interactivity would be so, so, so appreciated. I want to create content for people to enjoy and work hard making it, so reading that one would mean so much.

Other than that, I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this thing. It was with your help that this rinky-dink thing got off the ground and experienced moderate success, and I hope the new one can do even better. Lastly, so this one isn't completely lost, I'll be handpicking what I believe to be the best is blog had to offer, with writings that I'm most proud of, and transferring them over to the new one.

Again, thanks a million, and hopefully I'll continue to see you down the road :)